Instagram’s Rolling Out an Option to Share Feed Posts With ‘Close Friends’ Only

    Instagram’s Rolling Out an Option to Share Feed Posts With ‘Close Friends’ OnlyInstagram is introducing a fresh feature to enhance the app’s compatibility with changing user habits. This new option allows users to share their feed posts exclusively with their Close Friends, offering an additional method to encourage interaction within select, private groups.

    Instagram’s Rolling Out an Option to Share Feed Posts With ‘Close Instagram’s Rolling Out an Option to Share Feed Posts With ‘Close Friends’ OnlyFriends’ Only

    In this illustrative instance shared by influencer marketing authority Lia Haberman (through creator Jordan Shalhoub), certain users are currently encountering a fresh ‘Audience’ selector feature in the post creation process. This feature allows them to restrict the sharing of their feed posts solely to their ‘Close Friends,’ departing from the usual practice of posting to their public profile.

    This development builds upon Instagram’s introduction of the Close Friends feature for Stories back in 2018.

    Instagram has indeed incorporated Notes and Reels into the content selection for Close Friends. However, up until now, there hasn’t been an option to exclusively create feed posts for your Close Friends.

    Instagram has explored various forms of private sharing in the past. Some of these methods have allowed users to share posts with specific individuals, and there’s also the option to switch your profile to private to keep your posts away from public visibility. However, this latest feature simplifies the process of restricting your post’s audience. It offers a straightforward prompt within the creation process, allowing you to activate this setting on a post-by-post basis, giving you more control over who can view your content.

    As highlighted in the image, it’s important to understand that any choices you make on Instagram regarding your audience will not affect your Facebook audience settings when cross-posting.

    This update is in line with the broader trend in social sharing, which emphasizes increased engagement within private groups over public posting. Instagram’s CEO, Adam Mosseri, has consistently mentioned that users are now sharing a significantly larger amount of content through direct messages (DMs) compared to traditional feed posts or Stories. Consequently, he and his team have been actively incorporating new features that align with this trend, such as collaborative posts, post collections in chats, Notes, and more.

    Allowing users to share posts exclusively with their close friends represents another progression in this direction. This move might encourage users to share content more frequently, particularly if they are aware that only a select few trusted individuals will have access to those updates.

    While this adjustment isn’t a significant overhaul and doesn’t introduce a major functional shift, it does offer an additional avenue for fostering private group conversations. This aligns Instagram with current behavioral patterns and trends.

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