Meta’s Quest 3 now lets users extend battery life at the cost of VR quality

    Meta’s Quest 3 now lets users extend battery life at the cost of VR quality

    Meta (formerly Facebook) is rolling out a software update (v59) that will allow Quest 3 owners to extend their battery life at the cost of graphics quality.

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    Meta Quest 3’s extended battery feature gives you more control over the tradeoff between active battery life and high performance,” Meta said in a blogpost.

    According to the company, this feature is designed to help users decide whether they want to extend playtime or experience the best possible graphics.

    Users can toggle this feature on and off from their power settings menu.

    In addition to the new Battery Saver mode, the software update gives VR streamers the ability to keep track of their YouTube Live Chat in the headset, includes more reactions and stickers in a chat, adds legs to avatars in Horizon Home, and improves the Activities tab to find friend recommendations and join a game.

    “With v59, we’re providing creators with early access to YouTube live chat, so you can seamlessly follow and respond to the fan conversation — even while fully immersed in the latest VR games and experiences,” Meta said.

    In addition, the tech giant is rolling out an updated parental controls feature called Family Center, where parents can limit daily time for kids, enforce break times, and more within the Meta Quest mobile app.

    Meanwhile, Meta has started testing a new feature in its social virtual reality (VR) app Horizon Worlds, which will allow users to “mute” people with foul language.

    The new feature called “mute assist” automatically mutes or lets users quickly mute people they don’t know who use profanity and potentially offensive words.

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