EU Investigates X for Potential DSA Violations

    EU Investigates X for Potential DSA Violations:- The European Union has initiated formal proceedings against Elon Musk’s X platform over potential violations of the Digital Services Act (DSA).

    Musk’s approach to content moderation, emphasizing free speech, is facing scrutiny under the DSA guidelines that require large digital platforms to adhere to new standards concerning the restriction of illegal content and the prevention of misinformation.

    The EU has raised concerns about X’s compliance and is investigating four specific aspects, including the handling of illegal content, the efficacy of X’s “Community Notes” in combating misinformation, restrictions on data access mandated by the DSA, and potentially deceptive design elements in X’s user interface related to subscription products.

    EU Investigates X for Potential DSA Violations

    Musk’s commitment to a more permissive content moderation approach, known as the ‘Freedom of Speech, Not Reach’ ethos, has led to lighter penalties for rule violations and increased reliance on the Community Notes fact-checking system.

    However, the EU and others question the adequacy of these measures in meeting regulatory standards.

    Elon Musk’s stance on allowing diverse speech for broader debate clashes with concerns about the platform disseminating hate speech and misinformation. Despite regulatory expectations, Musk appears resistant to conforming to established norms.

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