Meta Continues Developing Messaging Interoperability to Comply with EU Regulations

    Meta Continues Developing Messaging Interoperability to Comply with EU Regulations

    Messenger is set to introduce third-party chats, allowing users to engage in messaging conversations with individuals from apps not owned by Meta. However, this feature may not be universally available.

    Meta has been actively working on integrating third-party messaging apps into Messenger, offering novel ways for users to connect with others over the past few months. This screen, discovered in the app’s backend code by researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, indicates that cross-app connections with non-Meta apps will soon be possible.

    While this development may seem intriguing, it is, in fact, a mandatory step for Meta, driven by the new EU Digital Markets Act (D.M.A.). According to the D.M.A., platforms considered “gatekeepers” must facilitate connections with third-party services to enhance user choice and control. In Messenger’s case, this means enabling third-party app connections, although it might be limited to EU users, and those outside of Europe may not experience the same interoperability.

    Nevertheless, Meta has plans to eventually connect all its messaging apps. Given that WhatsApp is the world’s most widely used messaging platform, the majority of interoperability will likely keep users within Meta’s ecosystem.

    Although the rollout details are not yet provided by Meta, EU users can anticipate more messaging options in the near future. The impact of this change on user interactions and whether Meta will extend similar connections globally remains to be seen.

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