Warning: WhatsApp Scam Drains Bank Accounts, Locks Out Users

    Warning: WhatsApp Scam Drains Bank Accounts, Locks Out Users

    As WhatsApp continues to play a central role in our digital lives, cybercriminals are exploiting its vast user base for financial fraud.

    Warning: WhatsApp Scam Drains Bank Accounts Locks Out Users

    The latest tactic is the WhatsApp screen share scam, where miscreants, upon gaining access through screen sharing, can potentially drain bank accounts and lock users out of their social media accounts.

    Victims unknowingly grant access to their smartphones, allowing scammers to intercept messages, including OTPs, leading to financial losses and unauthorized access to social media accounts.

    Reports indicate a surge in instances of individuals losing money and facing social media account lockouts due to this scam.

    To safeguard against WhatsApp scams, users are advised to avoid accepting calls from unknown numbers, refrain from sharing sensitive information like OTPs, credit/debit card details, or passwords, and never accept screen share requests unless certain of the source.

    Even when receiving calls from known contacts, users are urged to verify identities before engaging in video calls and ensure that screen-sharing options remain disabled to mitigate the risks associated with unauthorized access to smartphone screens.

    Stay vigilant to protect against potential financial and privacy breaches.

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