Instagram Tests Blend Feed for Private Content Sharing

    Instagram Tests Blend Feed for Private Content Sharing

    Instagram is experimenting with a new feature called “Blend” designed for private content sharing, particularly focused on Reels. This feature combines a Reels feed based on content shared between you and a friend or connection.

    In this feature, your combined “Blend” stream with a friend will display Reels recommendations based on content you’ve shared with each other and your individual Reels interests. Essentially, Instagram aims to streamline Reels sharing by leveraging the behavior of sharing Reels via direct messages (DMs), which has become increasingly common.

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    Instagram’s exploration of private sharing aligns with the shifting user behavior noted by Instagram chief Adam Mosseri in 2022, where more content is being shared through stories and DMs rather than through the main Feed. As part of this focus on private sharing, Instagram has introduced various features such as Inbox Notes, Channels, Collections, and the ability to share feed posts exclusively with Close Friends.

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    The Blend feature appears to be a targeted effort to integrate Instagram as a content hub, where users share memes and clips with friends either through DMs or in-person interactions. By making content discovery a group experience, Blend could enhance engagement within the app. However, the success of this feature remains uncertain, as it is not yet live-tested. Nevertheless, if executed effectively, Blend has the potential to enhance user experience and content sharing on Instagram.

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