X Will Soon Enable Advertisers To Create Ad Audiences With AI

    X is set to introduce a new AI feature that will empower advertisers to create ad audiences more efficiently. Formerly known as Twitter, the platform will soon enable advertisers to generate ad audiences for their X campaigns through conversational descriptions. For instance, advertisers will have the ability to simply describe the audience they wish to target, such as “users who are leaders in technology,” and X’s AI matching system will then generate an ad audience based on that description.

    Advertisers will be able to view an overview of top users in the generated audience, along with their related interests and locations. If the generated audience does not precisely match their requirements, advertisers can further refine their targeting by adding more details to their description, without needing extensive knowledge of specific targeting and audience terms.

    This approach by X mirrors a similar announcement made by Google during its NewFronts presentation last month. While X appears to be adopting a more simplified approach, the underlying concept remains the same – leveraging generative AI to enable the ad system to identify the ideal audience for each campaign based on straightforward descriptions of the target demographic.

    This development holds significant potential value for advertisers, although its success will ultimately depend on execution and the results achieved by brands from their campaigns utilizing X’s automated targeting. X is confident in the effectiveness of its targeting systems, citing a 10% increase in click-through rates and a 16% increase in conversions driven by its improved AI audience matching and placement tools.

    While X continues to face criticism regarding its moderation policies and controversial posts by owner Elon Musk, advertisers still utilizing X ads may find this new feature to be a valuable option. However, the release timeline for this feature remains uncertain, with X only indicating that it is “coming soon.” Advertisers will have to wait for its availability within the app before experimenting with its capabilities.

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