Apple’s 30% Fee for Facebook and Instagram Ads Expands Globally

    Apple's 30% Fee for Facebook and Instagram Ads Expands GloballyAttention Facebook and Instagram advertisers: Starting next week, purchasing ads through an iOS device will incur an additional 30% fee payable to Apple.

    This fee can be avoided by purchasing ads via or on a desktop.

    Initially implemented for U.S. advertisers in February, this policy is now expanding globally. Meta has introduced new web processes to enable boosting ads without incurring Apple’s extra charges, offering the same functionality as iOS devices.

    To avoid the fee, advertisers will need to use a desktop instead of boosting ads in-stream on their mobile devices.

    Pedro Pavón, Meta’s Director of Privacy & Fairness Policy, criticizes Apple’s fee structure as anti-competitive, stating it unfairly advantages Apple over its competitors, making it harder for them to compete on pricing.

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    Regulators worldwide and EU investigators have expressed concerns, and a federal judge in the U.S. has criticized Apple for non-compliance with a court order regarding its fee structure.

    Currently, Apple will continue to charge more for in-app ad purchases. Advertisers should consider using a desktop to avoid these costs, although this may not always be feasible for those on the go.

    Apple justifies the fee by claiming that companies wouldn’t have access to their audiences without its platform.

    Many businesses, including Epic Games, have challenged Apple’s fees.

    As a result, Apple has made concessions, allowing app developers to include links that redirect users to external websites for purchases, though this only applies in the U.S. and involves additional security warnings and Apple Pay options.

    In conclusion, advertisers should update their approach if purchasing Facebook and Instagram ads through an iOS device to avoid the extra costs.

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