Threads Reaches 175 Million Users on Its One-Year Anniversary

    Can you believe that Meta’s Twitter-like Threads app has already celebrated its first anniversary?

    Launched as a way to capture users disillusioned with Elon Musk’s X project, Threads has emerged as a significant player in the social media arena, leveraging Instagram to build its own audience, which now appears to be thriving independently.

    But can Threads truly compete with X? Is it a viable alternative for real-time, conversational engagement? And as Meta envisions, can it become the next billion-user app?

    The first year’s performance data shows a mix of positive and negative indicators, but Meta has laid a solid foundation to grow Threads into something more substantial—especially if issues persist at X.

    From the start, Threads was designed in response to Elon Musk’s controversial changes at Twitter/X, including mass layoffs, relaxed moderation rules, paid checkmarks, paywalled features, and more.

    Musk’s divisive personal posts, frequently pushed into every user’s feed, have driven some users away from X.

    The initial layoffs triggered the first major shift away from X among the tech community, which has since become highly active on Threads.

    Left-leaning political commentators and entertainment figures have also migrated to Threads, making it a more engaging space by moving their Twitter discussions to the new app.

    However, some communities, especially in sports, remain loyal to X due to its real-time feed and curated “Following” lists, which are invaluable for live events.

    Threads Reaches 175 Million Users on Its One-Year Anniversary -

    This keeps X a crucial platform for key updates.

    Despite this, Threads’ user base continues to grow steadily, though at a slower pace compared to its initial surge.

    Threads set a record with 100 million sign-ups within days of launch, reached 100 million active users within three months, and grew to 130 million users by February, 150 million in April, and now 175 million as it marks its first year.

    For comparison, Reddit has 82 million daily active users, and Snapchat has 422 million DAU. X remains at 250 million DAU, a number unchanged since November 2022, shortly after Elon Musk took over.

    Threads is closing in on this figure, though its growth rate has slowed, now adding 5 million new active users per month, down from 7.5 million per month earlier.

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    Is this a bad sign? Not necessarily. X hasn’t grown in daily active users for almost two years, so Threads’ addition of 5 million users monthly is significant.

    At this rate, Threads could surpass X in active users by October next year, assuming X doesn’t gain new users.

    However, Threads still has work to do to attract more potential users, partly due to its stance on real-time news content.

    While Meta wants to avoid divisive political news, it is open to hosting real-time updates on sports, fashion, and similar topics.

    Instagram chief Adam Mosseri stated in a recent interview that Threads aims to be a go-to platform for events like the NBA finals, Super Bowl, Met Gala, Grammys, and Emmys.

    Meta prefers to avoid political content to foster a more positive discussion environment and avoid controversies.

    This strategy could allow X to dominate major real-time events, but Meta believes a positivity-focused approach will ultimately be more successful.

    Threads is working on improving real-time engagement, but its current reluctance to cover news updates is a drawback for some users.

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    In conclusion, Threads is well-positioned to eventually overtake X as the preferred real-time social platform.

    With ongoing improvements and potential shifts in user communities, Threads could see significant growth.

    The introduction of ads and marketing opportunities is also in the pipeline, pending another surge in user growth.

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