Instagram Chief Highlights Importance of Sends as Key Metric

    Instagram‘s new algorithm now places significant emphasis on “sends,” as reiterated by IG chief Adam Mosseri in his latest advice clip. He encourages creators to make their content more shareworthy, noting that more users are engaging with DMs than feed posts. Consequently, Instagram aims to promote content that encourages sharing behavior.

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    Mosseri advises creators:

    “Don’t force it, but if you can, think about making content that people would want to send to a friend or someone they care about, as it will help your reach over time.”

    To reinforce this focus, Instagram has been rolling out “sends” display counts to more users. This feature, tested for almost a year, shows the share counts on posts, highlighting the importance of this metric.

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    Creating content that triggers DM shares involves sparking emotional responses. A Harvard Business Review study of 65,000 news articles found that high-arousal emotions like anger and happiness, paired with low-dominance emotions like fear, drive comments. Conversely, social sharing is linked to high-dominance emotions like inspiration and admiration, where the reader feels in control.

    The report states:

    “Positive content is primed for social sharing. Admiration and happiness correlate strongly with high dominance, as sharing positive content makes others feel good and enhances the sharer’s image. Including an element of surprise can amplify the content’s positive impact.”

    To drive shares, focus on inspiring, interesting, and humorous content, aligning with Meta’s broader shift towards positive user experiences. Meta is de-emphasizing politics and news content in response to negative feedback, aiming for a more positive environment across its platforms, including Instagram and Threads.

    In summary, to succeed on Instagram in 2024, creators should focus on crafting content that evokes positive emotions and encourages users to share it via DMs, following Mosseri’s advice for maximizing reach and engagement.

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